A “Case” Study: Tips on choosing the best iPad case

“Case” Study: Incipio’s iPad Cases (pun intended!)

Accessories company ‘Incipio’ has unveiled its offering for the iPad. It’s an apparently ‘durable’ and ‘anti static’ silicone cover – available in a range of colors. The case is said to be extremely durable and form fitting, and from the pictures on Incipio’s website, it certainly appears to be.

When choosing the best covering for your iPad you have to consider several things:

With a budget of under $50 you’re likely only going to be able to purchase one or two cases. Although silicone is a great option, you may want to consider a hard case or something similar to Apple’s official iPad case, so you can maximize all round protection.

If your iPad’s just going to be sitting aroud at home; a good value, light case should be all you will need. If you plan on taking your iPad to work/college, you’re going to need a pretty durable and screen covering case (maybe even a specialized backpack). If you have kids and know that they will always find your most prized gadgets then something [reasonably] waterproof and shock resistant will be needed – jus’ sayin’.

I can’t abide iPhone cases that cover the bezel. They block gestures, completely remove the product of its own beauty and turn your pocket sized marvel of technology into a brick. Same goes for the iPad. You will have to decide whether or not you choose ease-of-use over protection.

Will you be using your iPad for typing? – if so, get a stand up case that you can lay on the table. Internet browsing? – A simple silicone should be sufficient. Travel? – A case with grip or serious protection. Home media? – Maybe wait for a speaker stand, or case to be released.

There are several great case companies for all of the above. Insipio’s new release is going to be durable and extremely handy. If you’re like me and choose ease-of-use over the ultimate protection then, Insipio is your first port of call. Caution to the image conscious: Silicone cases are notorious for attracting lint. Insipio claims that their silicone cover is both anti-static and anti-slip. In my experience buying iPhone cases, I’ve found that silicone can’t accomplish both. We’ll have to wait for Insipio to ship their covers before we can get a full hands on, but things are looking good for this cover.

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