Dream List compared to iPhone OS 4

Apple took off the wraps of its anticipated iPhone OS 4.0 announcement this morning and we’re glad to report that they hit the nail on the head for many of the features we posted in our ‘Dream List’ news two days ago.

Let’s recap what we predicted two days ago and if Apple is including it in this summer’s iPhone OS 4 release. The color-coding reflects a definite Yes in green, Maybe’s or Possibles in amber, and Not-mentioned or Definite No’s in red.

  • App sorting: Yes
  • Cover Flow: No (but Apple was granted a Patent on this yesterday)
  • Landscape Dock: No (supported on iPad with iPhone OS 3.2 though)
  • Unified Inbox: Yes
  • Redesigned Settings: Unknown (likely some changes for Push notifications, Mail etc)
  • Documents Folder: Unknown (custom folder creation supported)
  • Print: No (Expecting delayed iPad OS 4 launch due to extra features such as Printing)
  • Desktop Image: Yes
  • Larger Icons: No

At this time, Apple only revealed seven ‘Tent pole’ features and over 100 minor ones, but the 4.0 SDK has over 1500 new developer API’s, and is still in an early Beta stage, set for a Summer release on the iPhone/Touch, and Fall for iPad.

We’re a bit in shock that Apple did not release some form of printing capability, even if only for the iPad. We strongly suspect that iPhone OS 4.0 for iPad will include this functionality due to the announced delay for this platform, or we’ll see its addition in a future release. If Apple wants to empower the iPad as a Netbook-replacement or killer, it will need to provide this feature, since we’re seeing a large number of creation and productivity apps for the ipad.

We’re also a bit stunned at no Cover Flow/Landscape capability for scrolling through Apps — Especially since an Apple Patent was granted for cover flow and surfaced yesterday on various news sites. It could be possible that Apple did not include Cover Flow in iPhone OS 4.0 SDK or announcement due to it still being contested. Perhaps that now that Apple has been granted the Patent, we will see its inclusion.

Lastly, one big feature that was not covered in the Dream List was Multitasking, but it was more or less a given, and was stated as one of the most likely features in our iPhone 4 OS Event posting from three days ago. The only reservation we had about Apple’s multitasking feature is that it is only supported on iPhone 3G S and the most recent 32/64GB iPod touch hardware; the 15-million+ clients of the iPhone 3G and iPod touch first-gen are likely quite appalled at the device’s inability to utilize Apple’s multitasking features.

I fall into this category, and was hoping to not have to replace my iPhone 3G so soon – talk about forced obsolescence. Well, on the bright side, I do plan to get an iPad WiFi 16 or 32GB. The new OS may compel me to delegate most App work on the iPad and leave the music and phone/contacts to the iPhone 3G.

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