First Day Reviews

Although the day was filled with some first look and first impressions with low-resolution iPhone-style or blurry macro-photography pictures, I wanted to wait until now to post some of the better and higher-quality reviews. So, here’s a summary of the better iPad reviews out there:

Engadget’s iPad review

An exhaustive review of the iPad 64GB WiFi-edition with beautiful hardware and software photography. Engadget dives into first-day iPad launch Apps as well, and offers some good hands-on insight on look and feel.

Engadget’s iPad Apple accessories review

The folks also take some good quality shots of the Apple gear and even provide a video of a staffer typing on the Apple Wireless bluetooth keyboard.

AppleInsider’s First Look

Although a first-look article, AI makes some very interesting comments when comparing it to other Apple wireless and mobility devices, and covers connectivity to an Airport Extreme router and throughput compared to other devices.

Gizmodo App Marathon

This site offers some full-screen shots and insight into some of the better Apps for the iPad. It’s a monster review that covers only the Apps from third-party vendors, but will certainly whet your appetite when it comes time to shop on you iPad AppStore.

iLounge iPad image gallery

Not a review per say, but an extensive library of images of the iPad hardware and Apple accessories in slide-show format thanks to Flickr. This is the direct link, or head to iLounge for more coverage of the iPad launch.

We’ll update this list as more reviews and galleries surface.

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