Friday’s iPad deluge of News

I would probably break the WordPress engine if I tried to post ALL the iPad news from today, as we are one day away from the US iPad launch! So, in stead, I will summarize below the most notable ones.

iPad FCC Teardown at

The expert repair (and device mangler) iFixit site obtained images of the innards of an iPad and have started a ‘virtual breakdown’ of the parts in order to offer insight into which chips Apple decided to use as well as reasoning behind their choices. Always gut-wrenching, but typically, no Apple products are harmed permanently!

Google rolls out iPad Formatted Gmail

One day after their annual April Fool’s announcements, it can sometimes be difficult to take Google seriously, but this one I am quite thankful, since I’m an avid user of their Gmail service. Check out their info on Gmail formatted to best use an iPad screen on their blog page, based on Gmail for Mobile HTML5 web app.

Microsoft “No Plans for Office” on iPad

A disturbing and typically short-sighted announcement posted on from the Mac group at Microsoft stated that they have no plans to release MS Office for iPad. Although they did mention that they don’t like to say “never”, but the business group which handles Mobile development has “nothing to share at this time”. Now, wait until Apple sells billions of iPads, and once again, they will have dropped the ball on this slip-up. Guess we’ll just have to plunk down $9.99 on Apple’s Pages instead, which reviewers have been touting as a truly excellent content-creation application on the iPad!

Apple rumored to have acquired Intrinsity

Numerous pundits out there have noted that Apple may have purchased Intrinsity, on the laurels of PA Semi and other ARM processor and low-power chip talent that Apple already obtained. The acquisition would give Apple the talent and intellectual patents, knowledge and copyrights behind Intrinsity’s specialization in its low power static design techniques. LinkedIn profiles to a large number of employees of Intrinsity now list Apple as their employer, and the financial markets have stated that the former company was sold and purchased. We’ll have to wait for an official announcement to get the final scoop.

AppStore in iTunes 9.1 list iPad Apps

Phew, say that six times fast. As of last night, the new iTunes 9.1 download lists iPad Apps as well as iPhone/iPod touch Apps, and the numbers listed grow logarithmically with each passing day. A slider within the iTunes app in the store section toggles from iPhone to iPad screenshots, showing the difference in detail and appeal if you already own the iPhone size. The AppStore has been redesigned and far more information is listed on the title. As was typical when iPhone 2.0 SDK was released, many of the iPad Apps are a bit pricey, with prices typically hovering around the $9 mark, but over time and as popularity and iPad numbers increase, we will undoubtedly see a price reduction. That said, Apple was correct to state that it’s a “new goldrush all over again”.

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