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Marware Eco-Flip Folio for the Apple iPad

Marware Eco Flip Folio

This eco-leather folio case form Marware is an excellent folio case for the Apple iPad. Firstly it’s made of leather, which is has to be one of the nicest materials to make a case out of. This case also has a hand-strap to help you hold and use the iPad while on the go. As an added bonus, the cover folds over the back and acts as a portrait stand! Very nifty. Plus, there’s a fold out flap so you can set the case up as a landscape prop. Also very handy for typing on the airplane. It’s good to see a bit of intelligence go into a design.

Marware have put out an excellent, functional product that also looks good.

Marware Sports Grip Pro for the Apple iPad

Mareware Sport Grip Pro

Marware have gone to a little extra trouble with the Sports Grip Pro. This is a silicon skin with a couple of features that sets it apart from the crown of other skins. They’ve put an extra layer of silicon where it’s needed, around the corners and across the back. The two layers are fixed together at the corners so you can slide your hand in between the two layers when using your iPad. Having the skin fitting around your hand like a glove gives a significant increase in security should you be bumped or knocked. This is a nice touch that you don’t get from most hard skins. To add a little bit of personalization, the inner layer of silicon comes in different colors to give a flash of individuality along the edges.

Caselogic IPAD-102 Sleeve for the Apple iPad

Caselogic IPAD 102 Sleeve

Old school can be cool, and Caselogic cater to those of us with a bit of old fashion style. This is a neat looking fabric sleeve with a full soft lining. The fabric has a light brown herringbone pattern that evokes images of hunting parties at English country manor-houses. If you’re going to an iPad party you may as well do so with a bit of class and dress your iPad in this outfit. Point to note however, the lining is a bright orange. Not sure why. Keep it hidden unless you’re confident your company will understand. Good to see a bit of variety out there.

Zagg Invisible Shield for the Apple iPad

Zagg Invisible Shield

Well Zagg are claiming this is a military grade material. Not only is it military grade, whatever that might mean, but it is also virtually indestructible! I’m not going to set it on fire to verify this, but they do offer a life time guarantee should it even get the slightest scratch. That’s a big call. Apparently the material is made using nano-memory technology. That’s all very well and good, except that nano-memory technology is used for making molecular density computer memory chips. Perhaps the marketing department had one too many that day. The material is 0.2mm thick, or 8 one-thousandths of an inch. Careful not to cut yourself while putting it on! Kudos to your marketing department Zagg!

Speck Fitted Case for the Apple iPad

Speck Fitted Case for iPad

iPads do all look fairly similar. Sometimes it’s necessary to stand out from the crowd. Speck caters to this whim with its fitted had shell case. This comes in a variety of bold patterns and colors. The shell fits snuggly around the iPad and has all the openings for the buttons and connections. There’s a lid too so you can keep your iPad safe and secure on both sides. These are finished with a soft fabric on which the unusual designs are printed. The fabric gives extra grip to minimize the possibility of dropping the iPad. Be unique with the help of Speck.

XGear Silhouette Snap-on Case for the Apple iPad

XGear Silhouette Case

You now how most snap-ons are plastic, well XGear brings us this one with a nice faux leather finish. Plus it comes in red! It comes in black too, but red leather is too good to pass up. It’s got extra corner protection and provides for all the ports and buttons. It’s a very low-profile design, so once it’s on it barely takes up more space than the original iPad! Plus the leather finish gives you a much better grip across the back, for that bit of extra security. You can never be too safe with your iPad. A sexy snap-on from XGear.

Empire Silicon Gel Skin Cover for the Apple iPad

Empire Silcone Gel Skin

Here’s a cheap bit of protection for your iPad from Empire. It’s described as a soft silicon gel skin, and that seems pretty accurate. It’s a bit too soft perhaps as the iPad moves around a bit inside the cover as you pick it up. Still its got the edge and back protection you need and it laps over the edges generously so that you have a bit of scratch protection around the boarders of the screen. All ports are provided for so no need to remove the skin for plugging anything in.

Cost effective protection for your iPad

Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve for the Apple iPad

Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve For iPad

If you own a nice car then you’d want a nice garage to park it in. The same applies to your iPad and hard Candy is here to help you out. This sleeve is no ordinary sleeve. First off it’s made from molded EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate). EVA is a light weight shock absorbing material used in a whole range of sporting equipment. Next they’ve used some nice, soft lining for the inside. Lastly they’ve put rubber locators to slot your pad into while it’s inside the sleeve. These give additional corner support and shock absorbency. If an iPad is dropped then it will almost always hit on a corner first, so it’s worth it to have this extra protection. The bubbles on the side also help with impact protection. The zip goes around three sides so you can open this all the way up like a case. A top shelf sleeve from Hard Candy.

Philips Soft Sleeve for the Apple iPad

Philips Soft Sleeve

A stretchy neoprene sleeve in a bold red color. This is what your iPad needs! This sleeve has some pretty good features too. Apart from being red, the sleeve has a flip top style opening. So once the iPad is slid in, ou just stretch the top back over to keep it snug. There’s a decent overlap so you still get good coverage. So, no zippers to worry about scratches or getting caught on something. Just the simplest of fold-over flaps. The edges are trimmed and the corners nicely rounded to give an overall professional look to the sleeve. Philips have produced a quality product here. It comes in black too by the way, not just red.

Marware Microshell for the Apple iPad

Mareware Microshell For iPad

For shell lovers everywhere, these come in an assortment of colors to match your mood. As you can see in the photo, they come in blue, pink, red, gray and black with a nice metallic finish. Except for the clear one, there’s no metallic finish on that. With the clear one, you can customize the back of your iPad and it’s still visible through the shell. There are lots of shells out there, but if you want a colorful metallic finish, then one of these might be what you’re looking for. They’re flexible enough so that you can pull it off your iPad without stressing anything too much.